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At Bertram Communications, our family and technology is ever growing! With Bertram Internet, Bertram Fiber, Door County Broadband, and XL Broadband, we look forward to growing our communities together.


Connection With Hard Work

Jim Bertram began his career working along side his father. After a normal work day, he would build computers for friends and neighbors in the evenings. What started as helping a few friends grew slowly until he was building them for a large portion of his hometown. More and more people asked him to build their systems. Eventually some businesses asked him to build their set ups. He became very busy. To streamline his workflow, he networked all of his new customers so he could help them remotely. It didn’t take long before he started his first ISP.

Now we are branched out and help over 15,000 people get the fastest internet we can provide. Our highly trained technicians, along with the dedicated customer service staff, work diligently to ensure our customers get the service they deserve

We are rolling out fiber, the latest addition to our internet companies, in Random Lake Wisconsin. Growing and learning how to connect the world around us to the internet is what we do best at Bertram Communications!

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We are laying more fiber in Wisconsin! Follow us on social media for more details. 

Bertram provides the fastest Internet connection available by using the most advanced and reliable technologies in the industry.